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mbt shoes review

Phyllis M. says...

Worth getting now, and not waiting for a sale. Adjustable forefoot strap works well on narrow flat feet. Wear to work, picnics, the flea market, shopping with pants or skorts. Gives a cold weather girl a reason to like summer.

Sallye S. says...

Tabia is the latest acquisition to my already 12 pair strong MBT collection. As with all the others, I was not disappointed when I first slid them on. In fact, this pair may be my favorites for just knocking around ...

Emma T. says...

I got these because I wanted to begin walking again (with the hope of taking weight off). They felt a bit heavy when I took them out of the box, but as soon as I got them on, they felt as light as any athletic shoe I have ever owned. ...

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MBT Men's kafala shoes Coffee

  • Model: kafala2
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MBT Sandals are larger,We recommend order 1 size down.

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MBT shoes simulate the walking movements of our ancestors, who didn't wear foot coverings of any kind. MBT's multilayered sole transforms hard and flat artificial surfaces into natural uneven ones.

You can receive all these benefits from MBT Men's kafala shoes Coffee without going to the gym! No more struggling to squeeze workout time into your schedule. Your body will become more fit and toned simply by wearing MBT footwear during your daily routine!

So every time that you walk to and from your office and your car, or up and down the stairs in your house or apartment complex, or around a mall or shopping district - you'll be strengthening your muscles and improving your posture with every single step!

This entire process challenges the muscles in your sole to become more active. Consequently, this more supportive muscle action bolsters shock absorption for your discs and joints. And all of this makes your body healthier and stronger.

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